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Boarder Battles May 23rd-24th

Team Name Saturday Games Saturday Location Sunday Games Sunday Teams
Shamrocks 4th Grade Gold - Muro 5pm Waukegan Fieldhouse
6pm Waukegan Fieldhouse
8pm Waukegan Fieldhouse
Shamrocks 5th Grade Gold - Lugo 1pm Boys & Girls Club
3pm Boys & Girls Club
5pm Boys & Girls Club
Shamrocks 6th Grade Gold- Muro 9am UW-Parkside
11am UW-Parkside
12pm UW-Parkside
Shamrocks 7th Grade Gold- Lugo 10am Zion Benton HS
12pm Zion Benton HS
2pm Zion Benton HS
Shamrocks 7th Grade Green- Moore 10am Boys & Girls Club
12pm Boys & Girls Club
2pm Boys & Girls Club
Shamrocks 8th Grade Gold- Muro 2pm Zion Benton HS
3pm Zion Benton HS
5pm Zion Benton HS
Shamrocks 8th Grade Green- Muro 1pm Zion Benton HS
3pm Zion Benton HS
4pm Zion Benton HS

Waukegan Fieldhouse

800 Baldwin Ave.

Waukegan, IL


900 Wood Rd.

Kenosha, WI 53144

Kenosha Boys & Girls Club

1330 52nd St.

Kenosha, WI 53140

Zion Benton HS


3901 W 21st St.

Zion, IL 60099

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